We take the complexity
out of compliance

We allow you to be 100% compliant with federal regulations so you can focus on building your business knowing you have compliance handled.

The DOT Docs Difference

Track & Manage
Your Drivers

Our Platform makes it simple to manage your driver's files. In fact, the driver can upload new documents right from their phone, taking the pressure off of your office.

Easy To Use
& Flexible

Drivers, managers, and the corporate office can update load and complete documents to ensure that their files are up-to-date.

100% Driver
Compliance Fast

If we can take a company with over 400 drivers who were less than 10% compliant and turn them around to being over 97% compliant in less than 35 days, just think about what this platform can do for your team!

Track Your
Driver Compliance

Tracking DOT compliance has never been easier. Our platform allows you to see in a few seconds which drivers are not in compliance and what they need to be in compliance.

Manage Driver Documents

Managing driver file documents can’t get any easier than this. Our program recognizes the text on the text from the document and auto-fills the pertinent information.

Fullfill Audit Requests

Audis have never been easier. With DOT Docs auditors can access the drivers they need by simply giving them access from your account.


Then they don’t get to see the same thing you do. They only see the pertinent information.

Notify Your Drivers
About Compliance Issues

Our platform stands out because it not only notifies the office when a driver is about to go out of compliance, it notifies it also alerts their manager. The driver, the manager, or the office can then upload the documents from their phone or computer. Just another way we take the complexity out of compliance.

Easy Driver Application

Our driver app is fool-proof. We have chunked it down into bite-sized pieces and made it pretty much impossible to mess up. With the magic of computers, drivers can longer not list the proper amount of time they worked at a job, or miss any of the federally required items.

Customize Your View

Not only is our dashboard customizable for every user, It’s interactive. Simply click and see what drivers have expired documents. With another simple click, you can send a message to the driver and their manager to have them update their file.

$ 9.99 Per Driver, Per Month
$ 9.99 Per Driver, Per Month

Frequently Asked Questions

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Over 2500 Customers Served

DOT Docs has really helped our company on many levels. They have become a one stop shop for many of our needs. Compliance, fork lift certifications, CDL testing, special classes and training and more. It really is hard to overstate the value they bring to our business.

Ryan Malarsie
Durango, CO

We hired DOT Docs to help us with our DOT and Safety. They were one of the best investments we could have made for our company. They not only helped us navigate COVID-19, but we also prospered. Our employees love their quarterly training. DOT Docs actually cares about our company! Thanks, DOT Docs

Don Dukart
Durango, CO

“We recently hired DOT Docs to help us get our DOT program back on track. Who knew there was so much to DOT? They stepped in and got us back on track in no time at all. We now use them for so much more than just DOT. Love working with their team.”

Mike Anderson
Durango, CO

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